Saturday, October 31, 2009


haha god since how long ago since i last blogged ? idk man +_+ oh well here it goes..
it's our so called graduation....-______-
aha ....WITH NO PROM sad huh ? yeah i know
hehe and it's also happy birthday to mommy day :D
this is gonna b a long post i guess...
oh well

this is my all time fav i guess :)

we are from hogwards !! :D harry potter xD haha !

ah tan ...small eye xD

rehearsal room :)

gasspingg for air >____<

oh my retard face .....

cynthia lee :)

suba :D
i guss she is one of my best friend since form 5 xD
we were not close at all till this year tsk tsk ~ yadev :D

a small group picture

5B :)

mens only xD

this version is bloody hell nice ! +_+ love it

oh i love this picture alot man !! : ) with the rose tsk tsk ~ XD
oh well more photo's to b uploaded , tagg me soon ! kawan kawan !
until then :)~

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