Friday, October 8, 2010

SJ 01 - Toy Character

Name : Snoop Dog (Snoopy)
Siblings :Spike, Olaf, Andy, Belle
DOB :4th Oct 1950
Father/mother : Charles M. Schulz

short biography
At the very beginning, Snoopy was a yellow puppy dog using 4 legs to walk. When he grew up, he walked like a boy and he became a lovely white dog. Snoopy was a silent character. At first, Snoopy acted as a normal dog, and would only think in simple one-word phrases (such as "FOOD!"), but then became more articulate. Snoopy's thoughts are not verbalized; his moods are instead conveyed through growls, sobs, laughter, monosyllabic utterances such as "bleah," "hey," etc.

Name : White ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers )
History : (formerly green ranger)
Weapons: White Tiger Baton, Crystal Saber, Deer Clutcher
Vehicle: White Savage Cycle

Name : Peter Parker aka Spiderman
Abilities : super strength ,reflexes , 'spider-senses'
weapons : web-slinger, that shoots out web allowing him to swing from building to building.

Short biography
Peter parker was an orphaned teenage boy who lived in upstate Queens, New York with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. He was a shy boy, but highly intelligent and excelled in science. He was often teased by other more popular kids like longtime nemesis Flash Thompson, but his life was soon to change on a visit to the science museum. At the science museum, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider bite gave Peter spider like powers with super strength and reflexes.


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