Saturday, July 16, 2011


hmmmm.... really ??? What If ???
Could it be ??? Oh no ..... familiar with all the phrases above? :)
these are the words that we use very frequent in a day .. sometimes we don't even realize we actually said or think about it .
Perhaps is where people use to express uncertainty or possibility, even when one does not wish to be too definite or assertive in the expression of an opinion.
when i decided to blog about this, i did think about the whole idea of it . Even me myself hesitate a lot in a day . Or i over-think things that should be left less complicated . Sometimes, it's best where we could just let things be how the way they should and go with the flow aye?
I just got home from a great holiday at the other side of Malaysia :)
Was really looking forward to it 2 weeks ago , and now it's in the back of my brains , or just a glimpse of memory
The night when i got home , just before i call it a day ..
i was thinking , what if....... perhaps........ so that .... it will be better ??
the answer is : no it will not :)
we've just got to look forward & wish for the best aye.. Over-thinking will only lead things from bad to worst , trust me , it happened before ... all we could do is ... treasure the moment and live as is it for now .... :)

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