Monday, June 11, 2012

Life goes on....

Not sure how long was it ,that i told myself to constantly update this page, lol EPIC FAIL . Things have been GREAT ? AWESOME ? SHITTY ? you name it ! lol Such different lifestyle & things that are happening right now & back then ...just ...too much to remember i guess lol .... random much , i actually miss Form 4/5 ALOT ! lol being in uni right now , just makes me feel like there's way lot more responsibilities to held & things aren't always the way u want them to be .. tragic .. That's life i guess :)

Feel free to drop by my latest blog @ just some minor collection of work in uni..God i really miss high school right now  !
Until Then Peeps !

random shot i took in Amsterdam :) perhaps i should blog about it , heh if i have the time !

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