Sunday, January 3, 2010

bye bye 2009!! :D ( omfg i finally blogged again )

wow haha blogg it's been 100000000000000years (: hehe loads of stuff had happen during this long long holidays , & it kept going on ! (: hehewell gonna cut things short :) & yup ...hehe
tmr is the day that people goes back to school.. me? i have seriously no idea +_+ oh well

well sorta spend my new year's eve in maison
party was ok ... aha

the glowing cup (:

jeng jeng jeng !

the mates that came along (:
some didn't make it tho....


was crazy !

get to spend time with baby...
was in kl for a week i guess.. oh well
well yeah aha (: finally well back to school pepps! have fun !

many more posts to be update (:
till the photos arrive la hehe
hello 2010 !!!

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