Monday, February 8, 2010

port dickson 09'

im finally blogging again! (: this post is going way back in 09' yeah ..haha
how time flies when you are having fun ..yup
i had my SPM last year & it was seriously a stressful year many had happen..
this post is about the holiday trip right after the SPM examinations !
thanks to one of my great friend kelvin tan ;)
hehe , we were actually at the avillion hotel ....
A SUPERB place to be for a vacation .... no joke hehe
im just gonna cut short & post up the pics :)

this is where we stayed ;)

great view aye?


looks nice huh? but it ain't easy to climb this trunk! AT ALLL! XDD

spot those lil hols ? they are all tiny crabs ! what a view ;)

after a swim at the hotel's pool & also the beach went back to the hotel
& had a lil snack ..then off we go for dinner ;)

couldn't really find any restaurant tho

but manage to found one heh...

hard chore gamblers x)

soon after it was like 2am??? hah..
went over to the restaurant to had a lil snack ... :)
the management was kind enough to gave us all a free ice cream ! XD

well it was a great trip ;)
woke up & start packing to ga back home

great view aye ?

this pic is just scary +_+ imagine this is the route we took to go
back home hehe ....
headed to pyramid then to have lunch & movie hehe

twins ? ;)

well that's all for now :)
thanks guys ! for a wonderful trip!!!!

life is indeed great with good friends ! :D

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