Saturday, March 21, 2009



gladwin, kah sern ,shaun at bus stop,so i hop on the bus n join them for movie at summit ( at home nothing to do ) :) tasha,theresa,wee brothers, timothy joined us and last bt not least THONGS BOY :) he came as we had an extra ticket..then went over to mc d to had lunch +.+..

well,tasha found some left over toys form the kids next door,so she bring it over to play with xD spider man hehe

:) hehe,they were all eating and start teasing me about being a CELEBRITY wtf!!! then they make me go refill their drinks +.+ the que was bloody hell long as it was lunch time so ,there are alot of people and DRINKS too

check out the number of those coke cups +.+


after that went for the movie :)


it was ok not bad :) bt too cold +.+ i mean the cinema :) oya

sarah was dam pretty +.+

hehe :) after the show ,went to eat something light. :D after that headed home n get ready to go FRIENDS NIGHT at CITY HARVEST CHURCH,thanks to THONGS for inviting xD

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