Sunday, March 22, 2009

LEO IDOL 2009 :D

:) well,dont really konw what to blog about ,so i plan to blog bout my leo idol journey:D , it all started in school,when pei wen and carmen encourage me to join this competition. At first i was like .hmmmm...should i join or not? i wasn't very confident in myself +.+ and it costs me RM 5 xD l0l ,so i didn't actually prepared my audition ssong seriously,i just went in and give it a try :)


final decision ,for the judges to pick the top 10 finalist for region4

+.+. me michelle,and harley from usj8 made it !! :D top 10 finalist !!!hehe So,the next day,went to summit auditorium for the finals :) who will it be ? to be the champion of region 4? hehe

these are the judges for the day :) hehe and now.....

the top 10 finalist :) alot more pictures are not here +.+,chris saw was the champ,followed by michelle and i m the 2nd runner up :)


met alot of new friends over there ,includes jamie(my ex classmate),ooi giap(had a bandage on his arm),kevin,cheryl, christopher saw(champion),joel,1 more i forgotten her name +.+ so soryy ,we all had fun even tough we spend few hours together and all was NERVOUS and STRESS especially me T.T,i was abit....maybe TOO NERVOUS untill i was kinda mumbling n lyrics all forgotten +.+ bt i was lucky to get 2nd runner ,

i looked retard +.+ agree ?,hehe

jun ee and i :)

tasha lai n jun ee :) (dua isteri hehe) of course,not for real xD

lastly ,groupy for leos of smk usj 8 :)

i was abit dissapointed at my own as i didnt peformed my best :( , i could have done better,and thanks to the judges,i got 2nd runner up and wildcard thanks :) i'll do better in grand finals :) well then ,we hang out awhile in the auditorium n took a few picutures :)

group picture

thats me.michelle n ye ing after receiving the award :D

made leo of smk usj8 proud :)

im on stage receiving the trophy
well,i think thats all for now :)

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