Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friends night at city harvest church :)

after movie with the gang , :) went home get ready n go :) ,argued with mom ,not letting me go bla bla .....Andrew teh picked me up xD from cell group w5 chun keat ,gladwin,kah sern came too..the place was packed,crowded,doesnt even l00ked like a church,more like a concert hall xD peformance was great ,awesome, FREE TO FALL great girl band x) even have their own album +.+ respect!!! didnt take much picture ,bt enjoyed the night :)

yup, a group pic of cell group w5 xD after the show

oya ,i didnt know that Anthony ( winner of astro talent quest ) was one of the CHC member xD he peformed and we manage to snap a group pic with him :)

hehe :)

this dude is kinda cool :) is like the 2nd AK0n from Malaysian, his rap + shawn lee's beat box they were amazing xD


the night didnt end just like that ,we went for a drink at one of the mamak near by .Played a card game called wolf kinda intresting :) HP battery dead cant contact darl :'( .after that went home,sylvester offered me a ride home :) thanks bro !! hope to see you soon!!! Dont forget us even though u are in brunei ,god bless :) have a safe journey home!!! GOT HOME,FIRST THING SAW MY MOM ,SHE WAITED FOR ME TO FINISH BATHING THEN SCREWED ME ARGUED WITH HER TILL AROUND 2AM I GUESS. XD SHE LOST HEHE ~well after that watch tv awhile ,computer ...go to bed around 4am :) nights!!!

ps : sorry sylvester i taugh u are a member of thong too :( forgive me

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