Monday, September 28, 2009

genting ;)

well, during the raya hols , went up to genting :D it was great !
totally great experience !!! awesome !
we started our journey like 7:30am? yeah .
then here we go ( didn't really get to arrange the pics )

on the way up..

the picture is just too cute :D

genting was kinda pack tho.. .waited looooong just to have a 2 minutes ride xD

the space shot ride :D scream ppl!!

haha :D
the mushroom head gang? xD
was getting ready for the gold kart ...super slow =.=

the swing : ) it was fun...

cockscrew =x going up!!!

some random group photo

i guess it was around 730pm when we left ,then it started raining -___-
gosh was so dam scary !! anyway, we then reached home safely ...
anyway ,nothing much about this post ....guess i won't be on9 for looong
good bye blog ! at least for 3 weeks =x oh well....signing off ~

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