Saturday, September 19, 2009

merdeka 09

wow, took kinda long for me to update... ;) yeah was busy with trials & etc
nothing much going on these days really oh well
here goes..this is how i celebrated merdeka...
at first mom did not let me out , but i insist -__- oh well she is just unreasonable
so went over to pyramid to meet up with alyssa & friends again :)
watched imagine was ok , i guess :)

after show,went for pool ? yeah play for a short while..
then headed to bubba gump for dinner :)

saw that 'run forrest run ' sign ? it was their way of calling waiter xD

some decos in bubba gump...

pictures with the Menu,made out of ping pong batt xD

ben & kim :)

food :)

i still remember this mango+lemon? it was very special indeed ,nice :)
kim's drink was a lil nasty i guess they dont like it xD

food :)

after a delicious meal,went around pyramid,
we saw an old man he was very good at his drawing .
all the historical,important people etc....
then we headed to kim gary for 'yum cha' session...

final shot ,, before they left pyramid .
hehe well went to meet farouq & the guys later on...for clubbing session =x
reach home ard 4am? aha mom was NAGGGING .... (biasa la tu )
oh well. time passes so fast... it's already the raya's holidays
here wishing everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS ;) & SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!

watch gamer today ,show was ok i guess
oh well think that's all for now ;) will update soon ..i guess xD
PS:thanks for the pics alyssa =),hope u dont mind i grab ur pics :P

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