Saturday, September 5, 2009

last of holidays :)

well ,finally something to blog about i guess xD
oh well,so holidays finally ended & also trial examination
well another one coming up next week shit man!! so called 09/09/09
sheesh stupid government ! anyway...
really afraid :( of the following trial .... oh well
overall i can say that hols really make me more lazier cause i enjoyed too much +_+ suck huh?
anyway really did enjoyed hols aot ;) hehe
lots of movie ..
-.- but until today still have not watch
DISTRICT 9 sad huh ?
anyway... was out on friday =D taught that was the last outing i was gonna go
but guess again i was wrong xD
went to pyramid with alyssa along with her friends :) ....well catch a movie

-.- this show is kinda dumb i guess it does not make sense at all oh well xD & they did not off the light for 10 mins ? i dont know , kinda spoil the show for the beginning ...
anyway ,went for a drink after the movies up again with fish & racheal xD
yeah weird name 'fish ' xD

after that .. they went over to popular to buy some bottles -.- yeah

next ,headed towards zen i think
guess what ? :) taught they are gonna grab some food or cake
yeah they did , with a lil candle on it xD
yeah it was for my advance birthday aha....
really surprise tho...

lil cake with a lil candle ;D
hehe thanks ~

currently addicted tho it's an old song :)

anyway guess that's all for now it's getting late +_+ 3am *sigh*

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