Thursday, August 27, 2009

chapter 2

well nothing much bout the holidays , but i promise my secretary to blog about this :P
hehe... oh well here goes... first day of hols , was ok i guess ..hmm
and guess what ? my scretary & i played this puzzle game on MSN
and it took us about 1 hour & 3 minutes? to finish the puzzle - .- IN THE MORNING !
4AM! oh well it was like -__- so many pieces god!

see what i mean ? +_+
oh well lazy to blog about it :P lazy & sleepy hehe
oh well....

wee level 15 in restaurant city !! ;D i can sell drinks now!
(abit addict to this game on facebook )

hehe anyway this is my 6moths + old niece ;) cute huh ?
yeah ,bite all you want ;D

hehe ,well i think that's all for now off to bed ~

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