Tuesday, August 4, 2009


haha ! i've abandon my blog for so long +_+
nothing much to update these days....
oh well skipped schoool for today :) and tmr is heading for some tour in puchong oh wel, finally something is up hehe .. , i did not skip school for no reason , did a small group study xD haha
@ mcD -.- well kinda wasted alot of time there , did not study much i guess -.- ada orang kacau ! bising sangat ! on the to mcD we saw this in the drain..poor thing +_+

aww, this is my buddy's drawing aha ....
oh well nothing much to update ....+_+NOT A FAN
i just like this song =)

again IM NOT A FAN ! just that i love this song !
going to bed now hehe .. till then~

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