Wednesday, August 5, 2009


hohoho! gosh ! what a day! tired +_+
hmmm , slept around 2am last night woke up early somore gosh.....
well ,suppose to go on trip today, went to school as usual , -.- then went home again and change into normal student uni >.<

masa bertolak...

well ,most of them are bored and this dude ( jason liew ) caught watching PORN!! xD

ini gambar isteri ambik punya! xD

i think that is Suba behind


ard 12pm i guess reach school again ,all of us call for a vote that is NOT ENTERING class xD

4 murid biasa xD

...for today >.<

hahaw!! =D

all 5B lepak at canteen :D

awww ...example of a tired student tsk tsk~

oh well went for movies in the afternoon hehe
staring ANDREW PAXTON -.-
after buying the tickets..went for lunch McD again.....+_+
check out the size of the fries =D
dam looooooooooooong sial !
oh well ~ that's all for now

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