Sunday, August 9, 2009

aha.finally prefect's annual dinner :) the last and final one hehe...
gosh it's so late now that im still sitting infront of my com and blog -.- it's 3am now ..
oh well let's make it a quick one.
here goes!!!!
well, thanks for the ride veronica :) traffic was kinda bad... so i actually pick up a PMR geography book in veronica's car and read xD and i actually can answer those questions hehe xD
well , i would like to thank those who help me out with my clothes , you know who you are :P hehe thanks alot ! i've never wear a purple shirt before hehe...well here goes...
well, was there way too early ,so i went to the toilet and change ,then eric leanne karyan arrived
vicki and daniel too hehe ..then we started taking pics...i can really say that girls love the camera man -.- *snap snap * oh well +_+ and we guys was like their camera man n *snap * for them
kar yan and i

lelaki lelaki gosh look at wei hao , so dam white !! prince charming xD

that's daniel , me, eric vicki 's hands was shaking so it was all cacated pics +_+ oh well

the so call prince charming xD

there there... my 2nd wife hehe

this is just.......aha :)

theresa =)

pamela& suba gosh , pic was so dark

the mafia aka kugi hehe best pal when i was in form 2 :)

oh jyen, she strip me off, and took my vest off -. -

the ketua pengawas of the new board :)
lets just imagine.. his hair is white.and holding a guitar...
he'll look like the MCR member- the black parade

there , one of my best friend for the past 5 years :)
only the 2 of us went for all the dinner for the past 5 years :) hehe
gladwin jiann & andrew ng

taro & i the swimmer aka aqua man of our school , i think he swims for selangor tsk tsk~=x
dont play play man!

there ! the form 5 sketch!! MAMAK MIA!

shake iT!

hehe :)
next stop jun ee ! hehe

ini isteri ke-3 l0l

the baby face :)

christopher quah & i (something big in my pocket) +_+

vicki aka the funny one :P hehe his baby tooth just fall off last 2 months =x

all the form 5 after dinner hehe .... :)

tall+black+ handsome ? (nahhhh jk jk hehe )
elan thurai form 3 only and he is dam tall +_+

the form 1 kid ,,wait what's his name again? - .- tham something xD
l0l he looks like a rat! XD

and at last , the form 3 group picture ! all the besst for PMR ! hehe

huge group picture hehe includes teacher and everyone hehe

this is our teacher EN norizam , he rocks man!! XD

ok this is the 4th wife hehe ..krystle chang :)

wong huey yi :)

ini adik :)
and also her phone keeper the whole nite -.-
had fun pranking her :P

wei hao, kugi,andrew,eric hehe

leanne ooi :)

well that's all =) let's say i've gain many things in the prefectorial board ,and also alot of bitter sweet memory... cant believe it ..5 years has past, and it just seems like i just put in my prefect uniform yesterday! sigh!
went home after that , thanks for the ride home mandy!! Hehe
that's all for now :)
love you guys!

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