Monday, July 27, 2009


haha! finally something to update about..oh well hehe
leo installation was ok i suposse...
peformance was a lil bad =(
chronicles's mic cacated +_+ oh well, i think everything was ok =) hehe
straight after ..went to bukit jalil for ASQ 2009! finals!
missed dance floor hehe.oh well eat a lil then went to the stadium on time =)the bad thing was after the concert! +_+ sore throat the next day grr...
nvm la can ponteng 1 day =D i ma bad boy hehe~rite alyssa :P

the stage..

top 5 finalist opening act !

first to go.. kah fai

alvin =)

ryan. actually i really like the song ryan sang
i think it's 'bu hui ai' or something ,just that he is not so good yet :)


min, was the last to peform

special guest peformance wan qian 2008 winner
first round was the dancing theme again +_+
kai fai goes first following by alvin,ryan,yoke and min...
alvin with jj lin's song ... 'jiu shi wo'

ryan =) he can dance well i suposse...
yoke ..her dress is made out of ribbons or strings xD not really sure
but it's very unique hehe
well,actually nobody is allowed to take any photos cause they are all copyrights =x
hehe anyway,no school for me tomorrow !! wee!
not ponteng la ii m having flu that's why hehe
not swine flu ok -.-
well i think that's all for now ...i still thinks that alvin can actually get more than no. 5 oh well
he is still the champion in our hearts!i personally love alvin,ryan & fai's new song +_+ and the MV was nice! hehe
till then ~

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