Thursday, July 9, 2009


oh well! it's an ordinary wednesday i guess...
school was bored as usual +__+ why cant teacher's make things more intresting ?
sleep 24-7 xD but i still study kay =)
i bet things would be better if miss Tey is still here =P
well,after school activities...headed home and went sg wang !
like i promised , i'll support alvin ! =D hehe
oh well ,took bus+train , i was kinda lucky get there ..but not on time =(
*sigh* i only heard 2 of them sing ;(
oh well, saw an unexpected friend there xD ZENNY LYN ! hahaw we line-up to get some signature +__+ i still remember that dumb old man shouting!! KID U R STEPPING ON MY SHOES !!! U THINK U AFFORD TO PAY ? wth? crazy old man it wasn't me pushing kay and i wasnt stepping on your bloody old leg +___+
oh well.then we waited at back stage..for the tickets =D hehe , a whole bunch of it man!! hahaw
oh well did not take much picture as those dumb securities keep rushing us away! hehe they are competing in CHINA !! good luck folks :D !!!
hehe , 1 thing that zenny said was really intresting : this use to be our stage !! hehe , how true :)

the stage =P

autograph session

blur piece

the top 5 finalist!!
well , i can really say that alvin's achievement is ..... dont know wht word to say la +__+ he's just awesome la keep it up =) thanks for all the tickets ya ! hehe ,ppl were looking at me and zenny with the whole bunch of tickets +__+
i also saw few of the top 10 finalist there...oh well they did great too! just dont give up people ! :)
=( not much pics tho.....
anyway,thursday ! there is this speaker who came to give talk about.....
i dont know.... EDUCATION+LEARNING
LOVE UR MOM .TEAHCHERS hehe oh well , i find his talk was quite good =D
oh well, i ran to the toilet after that +__+ cant hold back any longer!! >.<

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cheehwei said...

Heh..i saw my name there.U really think so? My class with y'all quite boring also what..haha..y'all so exuberant, should come up with sumthin interesting to do in class =p anyway,i let my class listen to "New Devide" and "Never Say Never" while doing my homework =p Hope the principal didn't see this. Lol..Keep up the spirit, Andrew ^__^