Sunday, July 5, 2009

another week =D 5/7/09's been a week ..teehee!!
nothing much bout this's been quiet gonna start doing some major studies for my examinations..+__+
=) it's been quiet...too quiet
waiting for my L4D patch to be done hope it works oh well now ,even scouts activity i cant even go anymore +___+,cause mommy is making so much noise i m missing out all the fun missed SU 's family dayoh well i hope i can attend the incoming catholic high campfire :(here are some flash backs

teehee!! this was last year's campfire at catholic high..was lucky enough to bump into some
singaporean's scouts..we did trade our scarf teehee!!!
the red+white lines

aha ,this is us last year xD
toilet also wanna pose....>.<

this was last's years jamboree @ johor
it was fun tho....untill those ULAT BULU spOIL EVerything >.<
it could have be so much fun oh well....

well this waas taken at last year's sg congkak camp =D
the campsite was awesome!!
very cold tho....
the waterfall +___+ was refreshing ,yet SUPER COLD !!!

well before i end my post

support alvin =)

8th july @ sg wang 7pm
teehee!! thats all for now =D

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