Sunday, July 12, 2009


catholic campfire~
last year's campfire at CHS Was awesome . so i taugh of going ..
reach school at 4pm then off we go !
most of my friends did not go =( only AH TAN +_+ oh well

nothing much bout the campfire tho +__+

crazy nic!

i think the only fun thing about the campfire is the cheering stick they provide us
all of us had so much fun whackig each other xD teehee!
(spot terence,the guy who can barely open up his eyes xD )

crazy ppl

take 2

ook,this is sick! saw that thing on nic's hand ?
at firt i taugh it was her hair clip or whatever
guess what ? that's her braces >.<>

this is pure gay!! xD

group pic
that's alll+__+
nevermind girl guides! u girls did a great job to host such a big event
just try to make it even better next time =P bye!

well,last friday was school's open day +__+
nightmare for every kid in school..oh well
it wasn't really that fun i brought a book to school to read up!
eventually i did not make use of my time well xD
cant concentrate ma! so many friends! XD hehe oh well~
see! everyone's studying+possing xD

telvin !! posser sial! hehe he is 1 weird guy !

teik sing+ thyban playing chess ! teehee!
observe ,an indian boy playing chinese chess ! fuyoh! respect!
hahaw! toh pet pet ! the so call addmath pro in the whole class!
hehe no doubt he is smart xD
well was hell bored in school ,so went home around 10am ,watch DAWN OF DEAD ! so much BLOOD >.<

lastly , this is a great song!
do listen =)

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