Wednesday, July 1, 2009

july is here!!

wow!! how fast could time pass la ? +___+
it's already july !!!
which mean
SPM is only like ....3 months plus away? 0.o

gosh!!! hard-core study time!!
oh well i wonder how is everyone now ? yeah
well somehow feel like blogging bout leo idol again >.<

+__+ the 2nd picture i think i saw my veins

results time trust me >.< my heart was like 'dub dub dub dub'

hehe ,group picture ,just look at my blur face there xD

prize presentation =D

friends that have come all the way to support ~ teehee!!

modeling pose i suposse? 0.o (nahh,we all cant pose , singing is only our thing xD)

aha this picture just in...
leo forum 2009 +__+
i hate to admit it ,but i m starting to miss forum.. only like now xD
it's abit late rite? i mean everyone may miss forum during month of june,but for me only happens now xD weird...

alyssa tan =)

gonna catch transformer 2 again tomorrow!!!!

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