Saturday, June 27, 2009

ordinary week /TRANSFORMER/story bout megan fox

... don't really know what to update
it's the same whole weekend that everyone is going through ...
study study study...that's all ,oh well..
there' s been ups & downs tho...
aha let's just say ... i m not not gonna post anything emotional on my blog .. that is like so .. .. never mind.xD
it's a normal week as usual nothing much had happen .. just that JUNE is coming to an end
that will mean 1 thing ..SPM is near urgh!!!
well no worries .take it easy !! nothing is impossible... =D
well, at the end friday,went for a movie!!
humans do need to rest !!! not studying 24-7 ok?
we were lucky enough to get tickets for transformer 2 were selling fast
bt still get good seats..only one thing the bass was blasting at us all time , cause our seats is at the side n the speakers are right above our heads

i would rate it maybe 7/10

it was okay... now!!! i know many people love the show alot ,but do not blast at me
and say i should rate it 10/10 it's just a personal opinion aite ? :D
there are few new character of autobots which i like alot!! but no idea what are their names xD

this is the twins autobots mudflap xD
they are real dumb and funny not to mention strong too, fighting with the mighty constructicon
this is the mighty constructicon he is huge!!

well there are 3 lady autobots in this show !!

tada !!! all 3 are bikes!!

this is my idol autobots!!! he looks kinda like jazz but nope he's not jazz
he is way cooler & strong!! but no idea who he is ..oh well xD

aha jetfire he looks way younger tho =P you'll get what i mean when u watch the movie !!
and he turned good n help the autobots out cool huh ?
well i should stop here la ..u guys should watch it & experience it yourself .. =D
and oya almost forget !!
happy birhtday to the twins !!! (25/6/92)
wee chee heng & wee chee peng !!!

haha ,this was taken last year xD
see !!! the twins!! =P big boy ad la !!
oh well, i think that's all for now :)

before i end my post !!! there is an important notice!!!

click on below!!!

MEGAN FOX IS A MAN! | Weekly World News

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it's just something u people need to read about !! it's something very intresting =D
no offense tho ... just read up!!!

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