Saturday, June 13, 2009

multiply district 308B2 leo forum 2009 day-1

well,here we are !! penang!!! day 1 of leo forum...crossing the bridge
hehe..we were kinda late tho for then first activity ,that is something to do with effective microorganism mud balls x)
we missed it!!!!
so just checked in to the hotel....
and changed our clothes....
and off to grab our lunch...and we have our lunch on the bus.....
G-3 lol....the tour guide was funny ..forgotten whats his name ad >.<>
where we are about to ride some cool ride .... xD

tada ~
all was ready for the trishaw ride to some border....hehe
so here wo go!!!!

on the way.....

poor guy...his umbrealla

a picture of me and kar chun...

the border..we are here people!!

aha....our tour guide for the day.....
with my nerdy glasses >.<
gosh everyone loves it no idea why

a group picture of usj8 leo's
i was about to fall into the sea >.<
well i was trying to contact jeremy ,chris ,gini, n sophia...
but they are no where in sight >.<>
after that i met sophia ..we talked for a moment....
they were all complaining i got darker >.<>
as we were talking suddenly teoh gini poped out!!
was glad to see her again : )
left chris >.<>
all get ready for superhero night....
i have not much time !!!
gotta prepare and go for sound test!!! >.<
gosh i rushed and quickly put on my clothes for the night !! superman!!! =D
followed lion alan's car to sunshine banquet along with gini and jeremy :)

tada...the banner (cacated camera)

the place was huge !!! nice place

group picture of smk usj 8
well i was not in it .....
hehe sorry ppl did not spend much time with u guys >.<

this was taken backstage.....
well lion marcus dressed as a health inspector xD how cute....
along with digi celebs....
oh saban,he did not stay for the night ...only came 1 night

so here i am .... on stage with my peformance .....
i couldn't find gini's picture ... >.<>
this was taken by lion alan :)
thanks alot yea.....

from far...
by joyi hehe : )

backstage again.... with lion marcus xD
health inspector

special guest peformances miss malaysia universe 2008
miss wincci soo !!!
she sang well

one nation MC !!!
gangstarz 2008 champion!!!!

and also digi celebriteens 2007!!!!
azizi,saban and zenny .....
too bad acap did not make it : (
cant see him

this is Azizi with his singles - kamu semua !!!
well, superhero night was awesome :)
went back to hotel around 12am
lepak at the lobby with gini and chris.....
then we went back after that.....
and call it a day :)

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