Saturday, June 13, 2009

conclusion : holidays this summer

time flies when you are having fun...
i never wanted holidays to begin because it will end eventually ,haha..

lets se....1st week of holidays..
was a lil wasted ....went shopping for leo forum...
finish up all my reports in school..then off to forum 3days in penang was awesome...
back to kl then ...met up with lara..hehe it's her birthday :)
nothing much after that....
online chatting till morning 6 am, every night ? aha ..yeah that's how my holidays goes by
mommy never wanna let me go out....screw her man!!
so i just sit whole day at home and rot .....
wow!!! it's 11pm now... god!!
last night of holidays+___+
gonna go back to school soon ad

omg just 1 MORE DAY!!!!

god save us +__+

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