Friday, June 12, 2009

multiply district 308B2 leo forum 2009 day-3

well,day 3 of leo forum :) the last day..
god dont feel like going home at all +___+ how come it end so soon ar? >.<
woke up and started packing... did not take the breakfast ,spend more time sleeping intstead hehe

group picture of leo's of smk usj 8
leo's of smk usj 8

sideways view

table at sunshine banquet...waiting for everyone to arrive x) whats with the glasses man XD

a group picture leo idols 2009+ leanne ooi hehe

a picture with st micheal leo president..

he did a great job with his club....
hehe grats!!

after all that ,we had lunch..
so far that was the best meal over i can say : D
after meal.... say goodbye to everyone...
and back to b-suite and pack our stuff ... head home all the way : )

well, it was fun tho...during the whole forum..
but i did not make things right..
somehow.. the feelings is still there...
i did not express it out.. oh well..
nothing much to add to that...
bus came at 2pm i think.board the bus n headed home...
reached around 8pm then bye bye to everyone!!
thanks mun ying for the ride home : ) lets call it a day ~


roar roar roar!!!!

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