Saturday, June 13, 2009

multiply district 308B2 leo forum 2009 day-2

well,here is day 2 people : ) how fast >.<

oh well,this is a group photo of leo's of smk usj 8
we are having a talk that day,and also public speaking competiton ...
the talk os on moving foward ,them of this year's forum ..
the talk was good... really like it : )

well,was a lil bored after sitting for so long ..snap some pics : D
hehe nerddy glasses

a group photo of 3 guys andrew lee ,andrew ng,kar chun
(we are all so sleepy ,party all night ma!! >.<)

aha. my wife and i tsk tsk~
took my glasses hmph!!

candid :)

listening to talks +___+
then we had lunch around 1pm i guess...
the meal was better compared to the 1st day lunch ..hehe
me and chris ate 2 boxes :P
oh well~
went back to hotel at around 5pm i guess after the awards
grats to those who received awards ya!! : )
went back to hotel...bath and get ready for banquet night : )
this is our room and roomates !!
that is win hoong from kepong ,hehe a nice guy :)
ka hoe and harley....
well all dress up ready to go....
i really cant believe i camwhored >.<
oh well xD

this is wht i wear that night ,kinda blur tho....hehe
well, went down lobby again n looks for my seat ,table 18

a picture with jun ee hehe
gosh i looked fat >.<

andrew,ee leen ,andrew : )

jo yi

a group picture =D
side view
dinner was ok ....
then they proceed with the awards and stuff
well,before we call it a day ..took a picture with RCC alan thoo and lion marcus
along with all the stars!! digi celebs and also leo idol 2009!! : D
(serious mood)

( crazy mood )

teoh gini and jeremy

banquet night!!!
well,we hang out for quite long.....
this is the last bus back to b-suite ..hehe
all was enjoying the night...never wanna go back to sleep
so took picture at the lobby hehe....

chris and his taman sea friends : )

look!! it's s late ad ,everyone is still down there enjoying hehe

another picture again with michelle, boy she misses the forum so much >.<
and she is good at imagining things xD
hehe,the leo idols with azizi and zenny xD too bad saban u r not here :( we will miss you !!!

yup .our messy room..hehe

night time ,everyone was fast asleep....
well not for me...
went over to justin's room xD
whole gang was there man with them till around 2 am
then i went back to my room .....hehe really couldn't sleep that night : )
i drank 3 cups of coffee man +___+ whats wrong with me ? xD
maybe i really dont want the forum to end but ..yeah
it ends~

roomates~ all were fast asleep hehe
i dont feel like sleeping at all bt im a human not a machine oh well.....
:) i got her something ... like i promised...
hope she likes it tho >.<
oh well the keychain is not actually ,bt i gave it to her tho...
thanks for the gift too ~

end of day 2 ~
nite nite people!!

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