Friday, June 5, 2009

leo forum 2009 : )

hey ppl!!! well,gonna be gone for 3days :) to penang for leo forum's almost 2 am now,god!!! y shirt is still not ironed yet +__+ n not packed yet... god save me!! x) well, hope it's gonna be an exciting and fun trip in penang ( i hope )

still reading my lyrics now....
might require to sing last minute xD
oh well....

it's gonna be fun in forum i can tell, really
or maybe not ? :)
somehow i just dont feel like going at all ,cause after forum,there will be nothing left to
look foward to xD oh well, after so long,it's finally coming to an end : )

hope i will have a wonderful time in forum : D that's all peps!!!

i dont feel like going >.<

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