Sunday, June 14, 2009

midnight(morning) msn chat gang xD

well,this will be the last night of holidays before school reopens ;'(
how sad....
it was like so so so so fast man!!
not gonna chat till so darn late anymore :) this will be the last =P
playing uno and tic tac toe
, paper scissors stone,checkers xD
and well.....
our checkers game xD with michelle of course xD

somehow i click on this link
a very nice song ,very touching and sad >.<

enjoy people!! :) hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!!! :D cheers people!!!
gosh ,6 am ad buddy is in deep sleep ad xD hehe
well i should get some sleep myself too~
end of hols ,hehe

hope u can find ur transport down to the bus stop
-andrew ng-

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Tanya Zafino said...

I listen that song first time it is a soft song.I know that soft song is not popular as rock band songs and other types of song but it is different from other songs you must listen that song once.