Friday, June 12, 2009

holidays!! : )

hey there!! holidays was awesome!!
well,not really that awesome,but still good,yeah :)
well, it's coming to an end soon enough and i really need to sit down n prepare for my spm >.<>.< god!!! so dam down n bored !!!+__+ nothing else for me to look foward to sad ....

so,the day after forum ,which is was lara's birthday!! =D happy birthday lara!!! x) hehe.. we went skating....>.< style="font-size:180%;"> ZAPPED by a candy bottle >.< grr!!!
i was like ' lara, not to touch these zappy things, n i got fooled myself >.<
skating ? well, i can say that I CANT SKATE !!! >.< it's just not my thing =( sorry lara
xD my foot was so painful >.< it's just not my thing ..oh well...
sushi king was a disaster too +__+
i accidently spill my glass of drink on some dudes arm!!!
>.< whts wrong with me man!!!
then we headed to the cinema, just on time movies was great!!! EINSTEIN is smart xD with his wobble head xD jimmy-jacked!!! thanks buddy!! hehe

after the show,went to some pet store....some weird squirrel we saw xD
some weird long legs n big eyes >.< darn weird well,lara' s dad picked her up at ard 4 pm ,then she went back home , me too ..walk ard pyramid for the last time ...then go home : D thats the end of monday...
tuesday was bored whole day....+___+ went to the gym for an hour mood la then i get myself mcD was so dam hungry xD i drank 3 cups of coke tho....xD then i called it a day.....
nothing much bout wednesday tho.... went to gym again i think...dont really recall about wht happend>.<
thursday my aunt came back from aus x) gonna stay with us till ..who knows when xD she brought home alot of choc and stuff tho....weee!! well today is friday : ) not really sure on wht to do...
hehe oh well.. school is gonna re-open soon : )
it's really gonna be like the show called DRAG ME TO HELL

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