Sunday, June 21, 2009

class of BESTARI 2008/2009 smk usj 8

haha...well kinda bored la nothing much to update...saw some pics in yeeing's blog..
reminds me alot of this two years!! fast could time passes by man? >. well, let us all enjoy the last 4 months together!! =D

4B guys + our beloved miss tey!!!
(sean williams our great friend!! =D )

tada =D

only BESTARI!!!

aha stole from yee ing's blog tsk tsk ~ u can VOTE at yee ing's blog ya peps!!!
for the best picture to be added into year book!!!

BESTARI STUDENTS ARE NOT NERDS!!! ignore that fancy glasses =P
looks cute eh ? hehe

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cheehwei said...

Y'all rock la..miss miss those days ^__^