Sunday, June 14, 2009

school reopen!!! : D

aww : ( 2 weeks of hols.
just flew away .... oh well +__+
no more morning chat group =P
hehe anyway ..nothing much to blog about..just hope that everyone
is ready and back to school xD. ( which is impossible )
oh well here i come

err... i can say i m kinda proud? =P
cause someone cooked her food with my recipe hehehe
curry maggi
'andrew style xD'
but she add black sauce =P
michelle -ambassador of 'andrew style' maggi xD wtf ?
!! u looked the same la no worries ~
not pale xD
go eat up la !!! xD
tsk tsk~
oh well holidays =( bye bye for now~
come back soon yea +___+
shit!!! exam results and reports .. die man , i tell you , DIE !!!!
exams results !!! gawd!!! gonna close both my eyes man!!>.<]
oh well,gonna limit myself going online too = )
till my next post then ~ bye bye people!!!
-andrew ng -
haru haru ....

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