Friday, July 24, 2009

dead or alive ?

wow, i've been clicking through the net, my blog is so dead this week +_+ sigh !
nothing really much to update actually ...oh well it's been a hectic week tho....
gosh , have been so busy , really hope my mom would just at least shut her mouth for once :)
that would be really nice..well i can really say i m lucky cause i m not a girl,if not i think my mom would lock me up in the room :) well, why cant she just trust me a lil ? just a lil would be nice :)
oh WAIT! i've cross the line , promised not to blog about SAD or EMO stuff hahaw...
well, tmr is astro talent quest finals ad :) tehee! Will be going to support alvin chong! =D
all the best ! i m sure he will do well! hehe

what are you waiting for ?
pick up your phone and vote for alvin

ASQ102 /


and send to 33888

well i think that's all for now :) oya, do enjoy his new song in my blog ! :) that's all for now peps!

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