Thursday, January 6, 2011

SJ 10- Initial idea for viewing tower ( toy character : Spiderman)

For design and visualization class , Project 3a was actually based on the toy character that we chose back in the early semester, now we are required to further develop our idea with the toy and build a viewing tower that is suitable for our toy, and contains important aspects.
My chosen toy was Spiderman , from Marvel comic and further brought into the film industry, releasing a saga of Spideman movie.
The one and only Spidey....
The ideas was develop based on Spiderman's characteristic
and suitable elements that are applicable to his tower.
Example, Spiderman is a superhero, so he must be brave and heroic.
heroic and bravery takes time to develop and improve in time , thus i selected a growth pattern which symbolize growth of bravery and heroic in Spiderman himself.
Adding a very strong symbol into spiderman's tower , would give the tower a very strong and firm flavour.The structure of it is more of circular, as oval shape is a very bold form (relating to spiderman's bravery).
materials: metal wire & strings
both materials are able to fuse as one to form a very organic form of tower. Which make sense as Spiderman he himself is a living 'insect' hero.

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