Thursday, January 6, 2011

SJ 18 perspectives Yo!!!!

Perspective drawing is a technique use to draw three dimensional iamges , with a two-dimensional plane.The most common perspective drawing is used is 1 point and 2 point perspective. With the help of a single point, guide the straight line through the two-dimensional plane ( butter paper) then construct the layout of your desire sketches.
1 point perspective (external)
with zig zag hatches, short strokes

1 point perspective (internal)bathroom
strokes used : zig zag ,cross hatching

1 point perspective (external)

1 point perspective (internal) corridors
strokes used : short strokes ,zig zag

2 point perspective (external)

Miss Delliya, our design & visuallisazation lecturer conducted a series of perspective sketching during class.
I was not satisfy with the end product in class and decided to to draw them back at home.

1 point perspective
1 point perspective

1 point perspective

1 point perspective (external)
total 5 perspective drawing was done in class.
2 point perspective sketch ( external)

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