Thursday, January 6, 2011

SJ 12- 3 buildings with 3 concepts

3 buildings : Sydney Opera house
Pickel barrel house
Baha'i worship place

The Opera house of Sydney is now a world know icon of Australia.
The design was based on sea shells , as Sydney is a famous harbour and port in Australia
Thus, using seashells as an icon to build the structure of the Opera house.

The pickel barrel house is a double story cabinet build of two barrels,designed based on a cartoon character that were 2 inches tall, and live under a rose bush in the pickle barrel. The pickle barrel house is located at Grand Marais ,Michigan.
The Baha'i place of worship ,India is a place of worship for the followers and believers to gather and worship. The lotus plant was selected as the design of the building.Lotus plant was origanated from india, and it is a very elegant icon.

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