Sunday, April 12, 2009


hey folks,i m back from leo idol 2009 competition, i've learnt alot of new stuff during the training course, : ) really enjoyed it ...hoped that it never end : ( but everything has to come to an end agree? So, it's time for me to move on,ge back on track,pick up my books,and back to a normal student's life... :) firstly,i dont have the pictures now,will update later on . For now ,i would just like to thank lion Alan n crew for the the help , and not forgetting lion Marcus , our vocals trainer, he gave us great advises,and motivation ,and we are sorry if we did anything bad that made u guys feling unhappy or angry , : ( we appologize ,hehe but u guys were really great, met Anderson's president ,justin ,+.+ xD ,hmmmm..... it was fun meeting them they were great, and oya thanks to Saban ,Azizi, Zenny,Ashraf....for all the help,make up and etc ... :D u guys were great!! all the best in life!!! :D May u guys continuing producing new songs n albums in the future!!!! : ) well untill then , ~ wait till the pictures are here .then i 'll start blogging bout the whole leo idol journey !!! cheers!!!! : )

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