Saturday, April 25, 2009

leo idol 2009 11th april !!! : )

well,everything will come to an end sooner or later,as time passes by, we were all having the time of lifes!! we had great fun :D . ok,back to the story,well,like lion alan says ,all of us cant sleep that night ,slept around 330am,wake around 8am,chris did not sleep at all if i m not mistaken xD,well ,we all deciede to get up and start chit chating :) ,the first thing chris does is reading his lyrics ,tryng real hard to memories it , then gini started to take out her notes given by her friends and she read all of them xD ,all of us read it too hehe
she's gonna cry anytime now =x

anyway,after that all woke up and went to wash up jeremy!!! time to wake up!! this guy slumber only xD

hehe,after washing up all went to the studio and practise for the last time

there : ) all just got up , a lil warm up perhaps ? :)

everyone is tired perhaps ,but all were excited,so i think tired is not in our dictionary anymore, and we continue practising ...stage presence,etc
there,gini showing how jeremy should move or interact with the crowed on stage :)

after that, we went for breakfast/lunch? aha, just went down to makan la before heading back to dress up and all

last luch :)

after that headed back for make up,dressing n stuff :)

oh well,took a long time top get ready ,was kinda late ,so we quickly get ready , and off we go!!! sg wang!! : D
aha,chris and jeremy was like :'' andrew, u ok anot?'' chill guys , i think i was just sleepy in the car that time xD After a few nights of sleepless night x),so to kill the bored-ness,all took a random picture

tada!!! :D
traffic was kinda bad that time, and worst!! it started raining !!!+.+reached sg wang around 2.40pm?

the stage is set : )


before we start,went to grab a bun firstafter that,went to back stage,make up again?0.o

poser sial!!! xD

well,this is it !!! : ) everyone s iverring now...hehe the audience has arrive,judges,leo memebers n supporters ...

teoh gini : )

sophia lee :)

aha ,last lala pose xD

last grouppy with justin : )
then off we go!!! show time people !!! : )
chris goes first,gini,sophia ,jeremy and lastly me :( why must i be the last one,i rather go first xD

here we go!!!
thanks to all my supporters :D
i m still keeping all those,hehe

thanks mandy :D

well,before the results,all went on stage with dina xD
rihanna-please dont stop the music
result time x) why do i look so scared? :(
and the final 2 are ....leo andrew ng , and leo jeremy goh :D
both of us were to 'battle ' against each other with the new leo idol theme song ' i pledge ' :well. i lost in the scissors paper stone session,so i go first!!! +.+ then follow by jeremy :D
before the announcement of the result , peformance by digi celebs and azizi zakaria : )

four of them were awesome
hope that some day the 5 of us will be like them !! xD

=x final moment..the finale ... +.+ heart pounding moment...

well, congrats jeremy :D leo idol 2009!!!!

and also :-

andrew ng as 1st runner up

teoh gini as the 2nd runner up

well, chris and sophia u guys did great!!! we are all winners!!! :D

picture with all the vip's

last round of i pledge :D

group picture includes digi celebriteens,baki zainal and the finalist leo idol!!!!
well it was kinda sad,as everything has come to an end,gini cried so badly,that..she doesnt look like gini anymore xD ,oh well farewell to gini&sophia,they went home that very night..left me ,jeremy, and chris ,one more last night at damansara : )

until then,leo forum 2009,we will meet again !!happy reading people!!!
goodbye leo idol 2009 !it's been a great experience, really do enjoyed it!!thanks everyone for the support!!
thanks everyone :D

leo idol 2010 season 4 awaits!!! it's fun people !!!!we are all gonna miss u pupp!

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