Sunday, April 19, 2009

leo idol 2009 :D 9/10th april

it all started on 9th april : ) , went to damansara again,at alan's studio for last prac.Jeremy and sophia was there that night , we had dinner together and met this guy, justin from anderson : ) , wel,they reach around 9pm, i was taking a bus from sunway to kl, then ah hoong picked me up at the LRT . GINI n CHRIS came only on the second day : ( well ,finally sophia get 'the ball ' game xD after a whole week hehe , after dinner , went back to studio and started prac with lion marcus everyone,meet justin :D

jeremy,sophia and lion marcus

jeremy & sophia from region 3 : )

jeremy was practising ,while sophia kept complaining 'i m dam sleepy' xD
as usuall lar...hehe :( chris & gini we are waiting for u guys ...faster come !!! went to bed ... later on : ) 2nd day awaits ....

DAY 2.......

well,woke up at around 7 am , jeremy's alarm creeps me out !! cause it's a ghost voice ringtone as alarm wtf? woke up ,wash up , then went to wake sophia up ...dat sleepy head x)

hurry!! we need to wash up too xD hehe .after washing up ,went jogging with Azizi : ) hehe

oh well, after sweating ,came back to the studio and bath

aha..after we bath, rest in the studio, Azizi went online to reply comments
is that my head? i think sophia took this pic +.+
sophia : ) with the pupp!!
credits to sophia lee x)

: ) he's finally here!!!

left teoh gini from penang : ( she's on the bus hehe ,then we cant wait anymore went for breakfast without GINI : ( : )
i still remember justin's maggi wasn't that nice, maybe different cheef dunoe how to cook xD but i ate alot of it =x hungry kut....

hehe ,went back to studio later on , and practise...jeremy & chris
practising here without you : D

finally!! our last finallist !!!
TEOH GINI!!! had finally arrived!!! x)

ops,dont have a proper picture,this will just do ,hehe
everyone meet gini,gini,and gini xD

hehe,went for lunch after that ,heaven rain begins to fall +.+
went to mamak again ate lunch : ) back to studio again @.@
hehe,nothing much to say about that..more prac and prac and we found some cool stuff in gini's bag : )

tada!!! pepper spray!!! x) dont mess with her.. or u will be blinded for ,say.. 45 mins? and also sore throat =x hehe

dinner time!! at the blinking crab restaurant x)
now...this is better : ) a snap includes all of us : ) lion marcus and saban too!!! hehe

after makan .went back and more prac!! this time was working more on stage presence : ) hehe need to move around more!! gini & sophia in training

jeremy n sophia : ) chris with the puup !!
why is everyone so crazy bout the dog ? xD

hehe,here is a preview of the finalsit video together !!! with a special guest justin!!! must watch!!! : D

hehe,due to some technical problem the vid could not be fully recorded hehe sophia !!! i need the vids in your phone !! send to me asap ya!!! : )

after that,it was around 10pm ,all went to change and show lion alan our costumes :)

lovely : ) gini!!! whts with ur face xD so ...haha dunoe how to describe x)

me and justin xD

chris n justin

after that,headed to sungei wang ,hell yeah!!! it was kinda late hehe,reach there around,say 1 am?

the stage is set : )

setting up stuff

teoh gini showing her talents on stage with lion marcus advising her by the side : )
digi celebriteens : )

well,went back to damansara around 3 am,everyone was very tired and sleepy +.+

well i'll stop here , finals be blogged soon : ) till then

isin't it cute : )

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