Sunday, April 12, 2009

thanks folks!!!!!! : )

first of all, i was veryy touched to see my friends being there on that day, grand finals, the banners was beautiful, and the cheering was super!! i loves u guys always ,well to those who did not came, it's ok i saw the msg-s u guys sent to me , appreciate that : ) ,well WILSON THONG i wont forget to mention about you hehe thanks to those who came , i'll start with WILSON THONG,CHUN KEAT,WEI SHENG,HIN LOONG,WEI HAN,WAN SEAN,TASHA,SUBA,SYAZA,CARMEN,WEN JUN,MANDY,SANDY,KAH SERN,CHEE HENG, WILSON THONG,CHIN KA YERN,ZHI JIUNN,YU LIANG,MUN YING,TIMOTHY,KEVIN CHEONG,JUSTIN if i didnt mention ur name , tell me yea ,and all the form 1 ,2 juniors thanks ya !! : ) love u guys!! hehe always~ i'll sing again for u guys for IR if i had the time ,hehe :D lastly, once more i would like to say THANK YOU ALL !!! for being there for me. : ) and o ya,thx ,NATASHA ANG , from PENANG, wan comforting me : ) [ i was feeling kinda down now] and also sylvester for the nice song u sent me .. ;D cheers people !!!~err ,yea WENDY, u are right,although it is raining ,but we will see a beutiful rainbow after the rain : ) for that i thank you!!! :) thanks people!!!!! oya ,to all selangor supporters, i thank u guys too!!! : )

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