Sunday, April 26, 2009

sports day :)

26th april sports day of smk usj 8!! :D
well,after all the effort i put into , i was happy enough for the results!!
SWEET GOLD babey!! 3 years straight!!! :D thanks to andrew ng =xaha,grats to all those monkeys!! u kids really did drive me up the wall on friday n saturday..but u guys did good ,so grats!!told ya ,i'll get u guys gold!!! :P,well grats rumah biru for winning perbarisan for 3 years straight babey!!! x) i'm so proud of u guys!! and to all rumah biru runners!! u guys/girls did well :D keep it up!!! dont let the pluto spirit down aite ? :D see ya folks!!although we were not the overall champ,yea abit sad bout that but i m happy for those who won!! this would be my last gold medal in high school : ) cheers!!!
whot!!! piala pusingan : ) too bad i cant keep it :(
(schools property )

tada !!! :D
thanks pn vasantha.siti sophia, and pn ruizaime :) for all the help

and 132th petaling scout troop :)
after 9 years, your 1st ever gold babey!!!x) grats
and not forgetting , happy birthday kah sern : D,present hutang dulu xD
picture with wushu boy and captain adha,thanks alot ya ? :D

last but not least.....
picture with 3 of my wives =x

aha, from the top tasha,jun ee and krystle beside me x) she wasnt in blue house actually,thats my extra shirt she's wearing : D
wind was very strong that moment +.+ messy hair ....

well,went to mcd for lunch,was very pack!! full of u8 students xD
our lunch xD well went home after that.gahh dam sleepy

signining off here,going to bed :D


cheehwei said...

aawww, the sport day is today? u guys should really ask me to go!! i've just finished my exam and i miss u all. I can see lotsa familiar faces, Junee, Krystle, Tasha...i just miss u al so so so much...btw, gold medal, congrats xD

andrewNg said...

thanks misss tey :)
ops ,sorry yea, for not iviting ,maybe everyone is just too busy for the praperation :) ,next event teacher!! we'll remember : D