Monday, April 13, 2009

leo idol :) @met up with other finalist

leo idol 2009 finalist : ) (5th april2009)

hey there readers,well it all begins on 4th april 2009 : ) ,and oya it was jann's birthday , happy birthday ya!! sorry i couldn't be there,but i bet u had loads of fun too... anyway ,back to the story,well,i reached the studio first,following by chris(selangor),gini(penang) then jeremy and sophia(ipoh) :D ,all reached ad ,then we started singing n introducing each other
there,lion alan arrived and we are ready to sing x)

gini goes first, her voice is sooo powerfull, >.<>

hell yeah !!! the bread was black !! >.< , hurriedly check in and bath ...after that,went to this blinking crab restaurant to eat ,and continue our training after that xD

well, some of them were tired and lazy to train anymore ,wake up SOPHIA!!!!! always complainig that she is tired xD
gini in training xD

jeremy : )

sophia :D
and of course me and chris too,but no pics +.+
here are some vids of us ... :)

ops.only have gini's one +.+

: ) finally she is being hyper,not as quite as the time when she came ,but
she is still quite and complains about ' i m very sleepyy!!'xD hehe

Teoh gini of penang : )

x) credits to gini ,lala pose wtf? her jacket and , oya where's the lolipop?

:D after that,lion alan came in and have a word with us ,brief us on what to do the next day,after dat ,headed back to the hotel ...:) we were suppose to sleep early and wake up early in the morning around 7am ,bt we didnt want we droop by in the girls room , and started playing games and chat : ) we played an intresting game called 'the ball' everyone was dam blur ,thanks god jeremy got it,thn follow by chris ,gini and poor sophia still cant get it till the next week we meet again xD

so,she went to sleep x)teoh gini : ) jeremy & chris : )later on, we guys went back to our room n call it a day,hehe get to know the guys much better :D .

(o ya, i foolled u girls good!!! Teoh gini :D )


day 2,

well,like lion marcus said, wake up at 7am ,so we did,hehe woke up,bath and get ready.went over o wake the girls up,: ) then we waited for lion marcus,he called and tell us to go eat first,so headed to a mamak and eat : ) roti telur for everyone,no sambal!!!! >.< ,then headed back to hotel ,and we started singing n camwhore :Dpresenting leo andrew (selangor) lala pose ,credits : teoh gini again +.+

teoh gini :D (penang)chris saw (selangor) : D he loves his guitar

jeremy goh (ipoh) xDlastly,our sweet sophia lee (batu gajah)

hehe, and 1 more ...

tada...grouppy :D

after that ,went to the studio for more vocals training and check out the number of bags gini brought along with her : )

hehe,went to the studio ,it was training n also PHOTO SHOOT time xD hehe...

.gini goes first : )


who wants a loli x)jeremy : ) hehe

SNAP!!! took our picture ,hehe then we had a few more snaps with alan's camera :( dont have them T.T

there only one T.T ,but it's nice hehe ,rite?

well,after that continue our vocals training ,and erm lion marcus recorded our comments hehe ....

: ) then all of us went for lunch and hang around ,till 7pm we all went home : ( ,had my dinner at the blinking crab restaurant, they went home with lion marcus to ipoh and penang,gonna miss u guys :'( and i wanted dat root bir !!!!! +.+ untill then ~will be updated soon : )


Azizi said...

andrew. great to meet u @ leo idol. hrp2 kte blh keluar buat show samer2 one day ya! :)

andrewNg93 said...

i hope so too x) hehe see you soon Azizi!! all the best !!! in promoting ur album!! : )