Tuesday, May 5, 2009

holidays 1st may :)

oh well, labour day on friday!! wee!! that means extra holiday for us! : D went to penang on labour day at around 7am in the morning,+____+ what a long journey..hehe 1st stop ipoh!!! :D had our lunch n shop for some local biscuits ...then continue on with our journey....jeremy,i'll meet you some other time,cause i m not spending a night in ipoh :D,oh well reach penang at 1pm,and someone just texted me n said : '' i finished choir ad !! xD " after that,check in to hotel...and headed towards gurney plaza :) and meet up with the teoh's . it was so sad, that gini cant recognise me :( oh well,it took her few seconds to figure it out ,that was me xD ,oh well, we had much to do so ..we headed to the cinema for movies :)

didn't get the tickets at first,so we took the premium class :) thanks mr & mrs teoh for the show : ) and also the popcorn xD
oh well, all of us watch it together includes mr & mrs teoh ,lol
gini was covering her eyes,when they drilled wolverine's skull, and also the part where he ran around the lab n woods naked xD poor gemi +___+ she sit alone and if i m not mistaken she threw popcorn -____- isit true ? aha oh well, show was good :D not bad ,after waiting for so long finally i get to see gambit in action in this x-men movie :)
well, went to walk around gurney plaza after that +___+,went all the way down, and then all the way up,then down again .... xD for 'window shopping' ...lol ,then we went to the lower ground to grab a GREEN TEA ICE CREAM, i know it sounds weird,bt taste not bad :D oh well, will snap a picture of it ..when i come to gurney again :D.oh well.we walked n walked and walked, enter each store that we found is intresting ,spend quite awhile in toys'r'us playing with stuff animals,barney,clone trooper...etc xD after a long walk,we decieded to get some food,at the same time their parents called, :( it's time for them to go home +__+ , oh well we sat down outside of gurney and waited for their parents :)

thats me!! covering my face -___-

gemi took it +__+

picture with the teoh's :)

oh well, i hope u girls are ok with me uploading this vid +___+
well, mommy called me too~ saying it's time to go home :(
well,thanks for the day :) ,had fun with u guys >.<
we should do this more often rite ? :P hehe
maybe in june perhaps ~ well ,thats all for now!! :D

went to aunt's house,took her out for dinner,and went to batu feringgi later that night :),the following day,woke up,packed, eat ,and went bck to kl +__+ ,gosh !! time passes so fast!!!!
reached kl at around 730pm,straight went to inter-school prefects dinner +___+ was hell tired ,i can say all of my pics i looked hell tired xD

my primary school mates :D

mandy leow :)

aha, it is me xD with the mask on~

well,my long lost primary school classmate theresa :)

eating maggi+coffee on stage -___- that is so sick man!!!

group pic :)
well there was a dance floor,so call dance floor xD kinda suck =x (sry )
oh well,before i went home ,took this pic cause there is nothing else better to do xD Was so bored ..hehe
well,got home around 11pm,bath and unpack my stuff
went online till4am!!! bloody mood swing xD
thanks BUDDY ,for the whole night ended up she fall asleep infront of the computer =xwell thats all for now folks!! happy readings!!!
ps : so what, leehom smiled at you ? :p

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