Saturday, May 30, 2009

mount korbu :) 2009

PS : sorry for the random placing of the pictures ppl!!! :D
well,it's been so looong ago,in the month of march
,we had a lil expedition to my korbu ,it was awesome!!! great trip!!hehe,oh well this is a group picture before we left for mt korbu..hehe

now ,this picture.....
yea...our water source x) not sure wheather isit clean or anot , but just drink la ,kinda refreshing tho.....

hehe,our lil expedition took us around 5days to complete,as in reasching the top and coming back down...take my word for it !!!! was hell tiriing n the road is like HELL!!!
my poor bag snap when i was going down ,so imagine i carry my bag all the way down,n it's like 6 hour every day from 8am till 6pm in the evening .....+____+

well, this lil picture tells that...all of us were resting after 3 or 4 hours walk ,not really sure,
about 2 more days to reach the top =D

aha,this picture....we are all still walking on tar road....for 2 HOURS!!!
bloody hell loooong way,bt the view was nice :)

tada....this is the picture ,when we all reached the top finally there!!!

groupy befoore we go back all the way doooooooooooown again....look at gladwin's pose xD
(the one in blue)

nice view huh? hell yea ,was taken before sun rise or during sun rise hehe was freezing up there
+___+ i wore 3 shirt n glooves also woth jacket still dam bloody cold >.<

all the nice view up there : )
u should try screaming up there ,feels good tho...

going down....half way resting

the first river we crossed ,hehe

everyone,,saw the highest point there ?
thre is where the top is crazy huh ?

well,this is our campsite for the first night,a black cat kept appearing and wanted to eat our hot dog!! it freaked us out alot man >.<
lol, one of the funniest signboards i've ever seeen

nice huh? was taken on the way to korbu :D

muddy road : )

thats the top ppl
dam dam dam dam hard n tiring to reach all the way up there

and we're going down now....

hey,remember i told u guys how cold was it up there ?
well,these 'mates' warmed me up at night xD
it was awesome,and a good sleep too! hehe

reach for the sky!!!!

ps : once again sorry for the randomly post of pictures >.< lazy to arrange la xD

~until then :D

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