Thursday, May 21, 2009

smile back at you..

i bet ppl is going to ask , why this loli huh ? well, no idea why too +__+
random kot.... x)

well,sitting for my math paper 2 tomorrow n i suck at math!! +__+ just hate it , with that pn lily on our back,i'ts really hard to get marks out of her hands,oh well, hope that i do good...let's see..hmmm...what make me wanna blog about today? yeah ,first of all ,get well soon gladwin ,poor guy got food poisoning >.<..n he missed his favourite subject,history well, i get your point there :) dont worry i fine..may takes time tough lol..taugh it would be something else more :) 'if it isin't yours,then it's not' hehe i get your point totally... cause i never want you to throw me into the SEA ar!!!! xD,oh well going to bed soon,just cant stop playing it ends by faber drive n just so you know jess mccartney,bloody hell nice, and and.. i need new strings for my guitar >.< ...well that's all for the day bloody hell math >.<
ps: good luck for moral n science :)

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