Monday, May 11, 2009

prefect's installation 2009/2010

oh well,it's it's been a year my batch take over the prefect's it's our turn to step down : ) finally!!!! no more heavy duties!!! wee!!! oh well,came to school as usual,then line up..bla bla etc stuff..

PS : lets just say i have a bad hair cut folks!! Do not laugh !!!>.<
(especially grandma =P )

well,new prefects and ajk-s on stage

it's my turn to walk to red carpet and hand over my post as ketua perhimpunan :) to yoong wei sheng ,take care !!! chairs ,PA u r doing it all now i m done :D

form 5's

form 5's take 2

take 3

big grouppy
cake time :) and meal ~
mandy took it xD was not possing at all xD
mandy leow
wake up la !! time for cake xD
aha,theresa : )
thanks for the cake :) secret recipe weehh!!!
i just hate my new hair : (
grandma teoh!!! do not laugh!!!!
aha,fooling around ,wasnt really whacking vicki la xD
lonely kugindran xD
a snap with x- penolong ketua pengawas leanne ooi :D
not forgetting my 3 wives :D krystle on the left,tasha on the right,jun ee below xD
so hungry eh???xD
well,not much to blog about it xD
untill then folks ~:D happy readings!!!

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