Monday, May 18, 2009

to do or not to ?

well folks!! my god myblog is so dead,well take this oppertunity to post some random shit la!!got a few pictures from krystle's camera aha..
it's been a busy week,exams man!! gosh !! i should be reading my novel now, but i m sitting here and blog ! WTH! random la wtv!!! here's some flashback... :)

prefect's installation 09 with 3 wives wakaka!!

aha,choir group for pn rubiah's farewell...

(i m at the top )

random post...

well,something is really bothering me now :) something is going on in my head now ,wish i could just let it out loud,i still remember this picture...i was screaming out loud!! then suddenly came krystle saying : andrew ,dont jump!!! lmao x) really wish to be there again , i wanna scream again!! how i wish u could just understand me a lil bit more teeny whinny bit lalala~ can u sing me a song ? i wanna sing !! mommy complains i m making too much noise at home gosh!! buddy,u look fine u dont look like a pregnant elephant :) u dance well too! :D well, wei nian u're right DONT THINK TOO MUCH exams more important la ..hehe well thats all for now ..novel reading time !!! take care readers!!! swine flu is here!! in m'sia ..take care to those in sungai buloh n penang :)

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