Thursday, May 28, 2009


well,last paper tomorrow!!! wohoo!!!

x) cant wait for the holidays to come :)

aha,this was taken before the exams +___+ crazy ppl,
>.< too tired in the quarter master room?? lol
hehe,anyway ..terminator salvation is out!!!! wohhooo!!! gonna watch it soon >.<
hehe,hols!!! really cant wait fot it +__+ leo forum is so near!!! gosh !! funny, i dont even feel excited anymore,lol

anyway,happy birthday toh yew king a.k.a TOH PET PET
hehe happy 17th birthday ,oh well, he got bashed up kinda harsh untill the buttons on his shirt came off xD *sigh* no picture of him +___+ sorry dude !!! hehe
untill then folks~

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